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All Approved Grants – 2020

Posted on 03/31/21 by OlesonF

View all grants the Oleson Foundation approved for 2018.

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All Approved Grants – 2019

Posted on 01/22/20 by OlesonF

View all grants the Oleson Foundation approved for 2017.

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Posted on 08/04/13 by OlesonF
Inland Seas Education Foundation

Contributing to educational organization including the Inland Seas Education Foundation, Manistee Catholic Schools and more. Inland Seas Education Foundation Manistee Catholic Central New Tables & Chairs for Kindergarten

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Posted on 08/03/13 by OlesonF

To provide protection and stewardship of our precious natural resources including watersheds, wetlands, farmland, forest land and the overall protection of the Great Lakes. Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy

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Community Development

Posted on 08/02/13 by OlesonF

To provide recreational, cultural and special projects that assist our communities to grow and prosper with respect to our natural resources. Grand Traverse Bay YMCA — Future Plans Old Mission Island Scout Troop at Oleson Island, February 14, 2009 Gerald and Frances Oleson donated Long Island (aka Oleson Island) to the Oleson Foundation. The island and […]

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Health and Human Services

Posted on 08/01/13 by OlesonF
Child and Family Services Paper Bag Campaign

To provide assistance to people in need and to have high quality health care available to all communities. Benzie Area Christian Neighbors Child and Family Services

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